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 We have the honor of preparing our kids – the next generation – for the future. The education and opportunities they receive today will set them up for success tomorrow. Minnetonka employs outstanding teachers, paras, and staff who are dedicated to excellence. Our parents and community members are active, involved participants. As a Board member, when faced with issues, I would listen to the community, gather information from the experts, and work alongside other Board Members to reach the best decisions that will benefit our students. Together, with the goal of excellence, we can continue to ensure a bright future for the next generation.


I want to ensure that no student is missing out on the learning opportunities needed to leave Minnetonka prepared for the future. 

Every student deserves their own individual path to graduating with the skills necessary to succeed in post-secondary endeavors, whether that be college, trades, military, or work. As a District, we have done excellent work because we are never satisfied with the status quo. Even with the District's efforts and the recent renewed focus on literacy, the Department of Education reports that 1 in 4 of our students is not proficient on reading tests, which is why we need to do a deep dive into general education and special education asking “What’s next? How do we improve?”

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All students, teachers, parents, and staff deserve a safe school environment where their voices can be heard. Connections are created by communicating openly with each other, and problems are best solved when everyone has a voice that can be heard and respected. We all want to feel like we are part of something special, that we belong and are valued. As adults in the community, we can model this for our children. The ability to make connections and effectively communicate will help prepare our children for a bright future.


Finances are the foundation for a successful District. While surrounding Districts have endured budget cuts, Minnetonka has not for the last 18 years. This has allowed us to offer signature programs that benefit our students including Navigator, SAIL, AP and IB classes, immersion programs, VANTAGE and MOMENTUM opportunities, among many others. In the next couple of years, projected budgetary shortfalls will require tough choices to be made in order to maintain the District's outstanding programs.

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